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Experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of pole construction

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We are Europe's leading manufacturer of poles, towers, columns and supporting systems. We offer standard and custom solutions as well as turnkey systems including all services from consulting to dismantling. We are the only company worldwide that processes concrete, steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) using both established and cutting-edge technologies. At the same time we combine these materials to produce hybrid pole designs. This means that we are able to offer every customer the ideal solution to suit their individual needs.

We are distinguished by our experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of pole construction, our excellent technical problem-solving capabilities and our background in managing complex projects in close consultation with our customers and partners. Our customers come from industry, the public sector, the construction and trade sectors. We serve the infrastructure markets for transport, energy and telecommunications and realise applications in the lighting and structural engineering fields.

FUCHS Europoles GmbH

Conrad Fuchs


With our head office in Neumarkt, in Bavaria's Oberpfalz, we have strong roots in the region. At the same time we have expanded internationally, establishing sales offices in Germany, in Europe and the Middle East. We work on behalf of our customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.



Company founded by Gustav Adolf Pfleiderer as a timber trading and rafting business in Heilbronn. One of its first orders was for the delivery of wooden piles to Amsterdam.



Acquisition and expansion of a sawmill in Neumarkt and development of a business for the impregnation of wooden poles on the current premises.



  • Construction of spun concrete pole factory in Neumarkt for lighting poles and power pylons.
  • Launch of concrete pole production in Neumarkt.


  • Start of the production of plastic products (PVC profiles) in Neumarkt.
  • Expansion of plastics manufacturing – production of FRP poles using centrifugal casting process.


  • 1989: Acquisition of Stahlrohrbau Nürnberg with production facilities in Dinkelsbühl and Berlin – manufacture of tapered and cylindrical steel lighting poles.
  • 1990: Construction of a production hall for steel poles in Neumarkt.


  • Launch of column production for architecturally sophisticated buildings.
  • Start-up of the world's largest centrifugal bench in Neumarkt (for spun concrete poles up to 36 m long).


  • Establishment of sales office in Warsaw, Poland
    (now Europoles Sp.z o.o).
  • Relocation of cylindrical pole production from Berlin to Dinkelsbühl.


Strategic realignment of Pfleiderer AG: Organisational restructuring of all pole operations into the three Business Units Poles, Telecommunications and USA.



  • Establishment of Pfleiderer Poles & Towers GmbH & Co. KG, Neumarkt.
  • Divestment of US pole business (Newmark International).
  • Acquisition of Pfleiderer Poles & Towers by mid-sized private equity firm VTC Industriebeteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG on 1.12.2004.


Company renamed Pfleiderer Europoles GmbH & Co. KG and given new logo.



Acquisition of Swiss company Nivatec GmbH and range of services extended to include lowerable systems.



  • November 2008: Company renamed Europoles GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Establishment of Europoles Middle East L.L.C in Oman together with a local partner as a joint venture. Development of own production facility for spun concrete poles in Nizwa, Oman.
  • Acquisition of Merckx, Zentrum für Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Werl. Renamed as Eurocoatings GmbH.


  • Acquisition of RMP GmbH and renaming to Europoles RMP GmbH. As a result, range of services now includes HF and system technology for the telecommunications industry.
  • Nivatec GmbH renamed Europoles Suisse GmbH.


  • Relocation of Europoles RMP GmbH from Allstedt to Lutherstadt Eisleben.
  • Opening of branch office in Dubai.


  • Installation of the new centrifugal bench in the spun concrete factory in Neumarkt. We are thus able to produce components with a maximum length of 24 meters and - worldwide unique - a maximum diameter of 3 meters.

FUCHS Europoles

  • Acquisition due to difficult economic situation by company family FUCHS.
  • Founding the companies FUCHS Europoles GmbH, FUCHS Europoles GFK GmbH and FUCHS Europoles I. & W. GmbH

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