Catenary poles

Carrier systems for urban mass transit and mainline rail traffic

Our product range for catenary systems comprises pole solutions for mainline and urban mass transit services. For mainline services, specially developed spun concrete poles are used. In the urban mass transit segment we use both steel and spun concrete for the complete range of standardised poles and custom-designed products. For greater road traffic safety we also offer level crossing barriers made from FRP.

Catenary poles for mainline services

Mainline services, particularly high-speed rail traffic, impose special requirements on the carrier systems for catenary poles. We offer specially designed catenary systems which continue to function perfectly even at extremely high speeds.

C-Mast System

Developed in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, the modular pole system (C-Mast System) is standard nowadays on all high-speed rail routes up to 330 km/h in Germany. The poles in high-strength C80/95 concrete quality are produced using the pre-stressed spun concrete method. This makes them virtually maintenance-free and extremely resistant to corrosion. This also minimises maintenance and follow-on costs, and as the operator you benefit in the long term from the high cost efficiency of the entire system. The manufacturing technology used also achieves the necessary high pole rigidity, so that the poles exhibit minimal structural and dynamic deformations. This prevents oscillation of the catenary pole after the trains pass.
The design of the poles also make them easier to install. Because they are slender and therefore space-saving, they can be installed even where space is tight. Depending on the requirements of the local conditions, such as soil condition and space requirement, we can offer you the best pole foundation for your catenary.
In the mainline segment we can also offer you steel carrier systems to meet individual requirements.

Fastening technology

Depending on the specifications in the respective country various options are available for fastening add-on components. For use in the German market our poles are equipped with threaded bushings as standard. The choice of traditional steel brackets, tightening straps and through bolts in drill holes provides flexibility in international projects.

Catenary poles for urban mass transit

In densely populated urban environments, public transport is becoming more and more important. For use in towns and cities we can offer standard catenary poles as well as customised special solutions according to your requirements - in both steel and concrete and including all necessary services.

Standard and custom solutions

For both materials you have unlimited choice of shapes and colours. Unusual shapes, special colours or surface structures can be realised, as well as poles with multiple functions. Not only does this allow you to integrate visually appealing and cost-effective catenary solutions into your cityscape; our space-saving complete solutions consisting of slender, reduced-diameter poles and foundations mean that even the cramped conditions of the urban environment are not a problem.

Fastening technology

We offer various options for fastening add-on components such as cantilevers or tensioning devices. Proven tightening strap systems or wire loops are supplied as standard. However, as well as brackets and clips, threaded bushings can also be incorporated directly into the pole wall during the centrifugal concrete casting process and through holes can be used for fastening.

Level crossing barriers

Rail level crossing barriers in FRP reliably ensure more safety in road traffic. They are durable, cost-efficient and versatile.

The dense, smooth surface of the level crossing barriers makes them resistant to weathering. Corrosion is also not an issue for this material. Due to their long service life and the absence of subsequent costs for care or maintenance, level crossing barriers in FRP are extremely economic.
They are supplied in white as standard but are also available in all RAL colour shades. Every level crossing barrier is supplied with a weather-resistant, highly retro-reflective film that reflects light back to its source without glare and is designed to meet country-specific standards. Our level crossing barriers are available in various lengths and have a modular design. In addition, we can provide custom features like LED lighting or pole fracture monitoring.

Catenary poles