High masts and lowerable systems

Carrier systems for any application

Customised standard products - the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your application. Our range of high mast lighting towers includes traditional carrier systems for high mast lighting, advertising, camera systems and flags, as well as poles built specially for airfield lighting and instrument landing systems (ILS). For our range of standard poles through adapted basic pole systems to complete custom products we can use concrete, steel or FRP depending on requirements. This enables us to always offer the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your project. Optional connectable lowerable systems provide added value.

Conventional carrier systems

Conventional carrier systems are used for remote identification, large area illumination and apron lighting as well as building security: They support advertising surfaces, floodlight systems, cameras and flags. We have the right solution for any application.

Floodlight poles

Floodlight systems guarantee perfect illumination of airport aprons, large areas, terminals, stadiums and sports grounds. Our floodlight poles offer the ideal carrier system for the equipment and the most economic solution for you - thanks to the choice of steel or concrete. As an optional extra, our lowerable systems offer genuine added value: Being able to lower the floodlight systems makes it easy to service and maintain them.

Advertising poles and towers

An impressive way of attracting attention. Our advertising poles and pylons substantially increase your recognition and attract business, because they can be seen from more than a kilometre away. There's no easier or quicker way to appeal to potential customers. Thanks to our slender spun concrete structures, attention is drawn to the advertising and not the supporting structure. Due to their material properties, spun concrete advertising carriers are economic, easy to maintain and protected from vandalism. Our product range includes standard advertising poles from heights of 5 metres and custom solutions of more than 60 m according to your specifications.

Camera poles

Maximum security and comprehensive safety: Our camera poles facilitate the necessary overview at all times. Whether you need to monitor stadiums, the perimeter fences of airports and industrial plants, or motorways, good cameras only provide a high-quality solution if combined with a good carrier system. Our vandalism-proof camera poles in concrete, steel or FRP offer impressively high rigidity. They are highly resistant to vibrations and therefore provide the basis for razor-sharp images of the areas monitored. As an optional extra, our lowerable systems offer genuine added value: Being able to lower the cameras makes it easy to service and maintain them.


Flagpoles made of fibreglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) mean the simplest possible handling, cost-effective implementation, and a great diversity of application possibilities. And you can configure your own poles yourself. Just make your selection from a variety of lengths and colours, and from a wide range of accessories – to perfectly match your surroundings, with poles for almost all flag sizes.

Lowerable systems

Our lowerable systems are used primarily for apron lighting at airports. The ability to lower the floodlighting systems means they can be serviced and maintained quickly and easily during airport operations. As a result we are playing a decisive role in helping airports achieve their goal of maintaining non-stop smooth flight traffic.
But the benefits of lowerable systems also come into play for other high mast solutions: Surveillance and lighting systems from camera poles and floodlight poles for stadiums or other large areas can be lowered and serviced safely and conveniently without using any auxiliary equipment like elevating platforms. Lowerable systems are also absolutely ideal for use in challenging terrain where access is difficult.


Approach / ILS

Safe take off and landing is the intention behind our solutions for use at airports. Our product range includes poles for runway lighting and all supports for instrument landing systems (ILS):

What glide path towers, localizer supports, DME (distance measuring equipment) and monitoring masts, wind direction indicators, TACAN (tactical air navigation system) towers, wind measurement poles and FRP shelters have in common is that they are all produced in lightweight design from FRP, meet the strictest specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and therefore guarantee a high level of passive safety. This means that predetermined breaking points as per frangibility requirements ensure that in the event of a collision with an aircraft the poles snap without causing sparks. Another protective effect of the slender FRP poles is that the manufacturing process creates a cavity in the core of the pole that can be used for the cables for the technical systems. Almost all poles can be optionally fitted with tiltable baseplates to simplify preventive and corrective maintenance.

High Masts