Precast spun concrete parts to satisfy sophisticated architectural requirements and allow fast construction

As well as normal single and multi-storey columns for building construction we also supply unusual spun concrete columns for sophisticated architectural concepts. Thanks to the special production process a large range of design options in fair-faced concrete quality is possible. This allows you to incorporate unique architectural features while enjoying the benefits of pre-cast parts in your construction process.

Why spun concrete?

Our spun concrete process has been continually refined and optimized since the start of production in the 1950s. As a technology leader, we are now in the position of being able to offer spun concrete columns with the highest quality in the world. We use high-strength concrete in qualities of up to C140 with a maximum reinforcement of 16 percent for the columns. In combination with high-strength steels SAS 670 (Annahütte steelworks) we can offer single and multi-storey columns with a large load-bearing capacity despite their narrow diameter. For architectural columns we use our own pre-stressing process, as a result of which we can offer very slender geometries especially in the case of tall columns thanks to the pre-stressing. The non-porous surface in fair-facing concrete quality > SB4 is especially attractive.
But this production technology offers even more benefits: The cavity occurring in the core of the column can put to good use to to house service conduit (e.g. non-visible drainage). In addition, mounting options flush with the surface or recesses for functional elements can be incorporated during the centrifugal casting process.


The spun concrete technology delivers the best results with angular elements and allows the following rotationally symmetrical cross-sections:

round, oval, square, rectangular, polygonal

Single and multi-storey columns

Our single and multi-storey columns support high loads and were developed for fast installation in the construction industry. Their advantages come into play especially in multi-storey buildings: Minimal length tolerances thanks to the use of milled steel plates at the column ends mean that they can be installed without grouting; Just-in-time delivery to site for the scheduled installation of the columns allows extremely fast construction progress. If space is tight around the construction site this also means that no additional storage areas are necessary; Short production times combined with high capacities allow for a short scheduled lead time and therefore a lot of flexibility during building progress; In addition, the slim column cross-sections increase the useful floor area. This reduces the space requirement by up to 40% and ensures the largest possible lettable floor area.

Architectural columns

Our high-class columns for architectural use give you the greatest possible design scope. We manufacture the columns according to your individual requirements – angular or rectangular with smooth finishes, special surfaces (coloured or white concrete, hammered, sand-blasted, polished) and ornamentation. We are happy to advise you and help you realise special architectural requirements such as slanted columns, column penetrations through ceilings and exceptionally long and slender columns.
The spun concrete process allows us to produce tall and slender columns up to 36 m long. You can therefore include special visual features when implementing ''floating'' architectural projects.

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