In-house and property telecommunications coverage

Lossless, trouble-free communication at all times

As your expert partner for in-house and property telecommunications we offer a complete range of services from planning to realisation, servicing and maintenance of the systems. We ensure uninterrupted, lossless and trouble-free communication in all kinds of properties.

Areas of application

In-house coverage

In high-rise buildings, shopping centres or underground car parks the existing mobile phone network may not always ensure optimal coverage. An in-house system ensures that you and your customers within the building can enjoy lossless, trouble-free communication.

Telecommunications coverage for properties

Providing TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) is a security-related requirement by government agencies with responsibility for security tasks, e.g. fire services, police and emergency services. For you as the operator and/or owner, the requirements for supplying the property/building are defined in the building regulations of the respective country.

Our services

As an expert partner with experienced specialists and assembly teams and the latest software and hardware tools for in-house and property coverage we can support you through all phases of your project.


We use cutting-edge measuring tools to carry out radio field measurements on your behalf. As well as measuring the coverage before and after installation we also conduct the necessary panoramic measurement. We prepare an informative and easy to understand measuring report containing all measuring results.


In the planning phase we prepare preliminary and detailed engineering as well as level diagrams, plant layout and installation drawings.


We supply and install all necessary HF components. We are also your expert partner when it comes to choosing the best and most economic system technology for your needs, including optical systems. We configure and integrate these systems for you on a project-specific basis.

Commissioning and documentation

We commission the system technology and optical systems and provide you with detailed documentation.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Our services also include preventive and corrective maintenance of the systems, including a 24-hour maintenance service.


On request we provide training to you and your staff. On completion of the training you will be able to operate and troubleshoot the equipment and systems by yourself.

Further information

In-house and property telecommunications coverage