Radio masts and towers

The right mast for any location

Tailor your product to your requirements. Whether your focus is on cost-efficiency, transport and assembly or the ideal time frame, we are there to support you. With radio masts and towers made from spun concrete, lattice or solid walled steel, FRP or in hybrid designs, we offer you the option of selecting specific advantages and characteristics so as to find the solution that is right for you.

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Spun concrete radio masts and towers

Due to their characteristics our spun concrete radio masts and towers are absolutely ideal for narrow sites and for urban and coastal areas.
Because smaller spacing between them and smaller foundations as well as driven piles make them slender and thus space-saving and unobtrusive. Despite their slim design the masts and towers are extremely stable. They offer an impressively high load capacity and corresponding directional radio rigidity.
A further benefit of our spun concrete masts and towers is their durability. Not only are they resistant to fire and vandalism, they also have a high level of chemical resistance e.g. to salty air. This means that they require little maintenance and so are economical.
As a technology leader we produce exceptional radio masts and towers in pre-stressed spun concrete for customers throughout Germany. They are designed as single or multiple sections. Multiple sections are connected using flanges or pole insertion joints. Depending on mode of transport the section lengths can range from 12 to 30 metres.

Steel radio masts and towers

Our steel radio masts in lattice or solid wall design are ideal for exposed locations like mountainous terrain, but also for mounting to the roofs of tower blocks, silos or other high places. Inaccessible ground and small installation spaces are no obstacle, because steel masts can be easily and conveniently transported and mounted.

Steel lattice type

Steel lattice type radio masts offer a low weight and short sections. Lengths of up to 6 m are possible. The low overall weight makes transport easier. Small isolated footings are used.

Solid steel wall type

Radio masts with solid steel walls can be round or polygonal. Similar to the spun concrete type, the advantages of this design are minimal spacing and small foundations. Individual lengths of up to 15 m are possible to meet various requirements. The individual sections are connected using flanges.

FRP radio masts

Thanks to a range of special properties our FRP radio masts are ideal for use in airports or on roofs. The extremely light yet very strong material meets the most stringent airside frangibility requirements. This means that in the event of a collision the mast breaks without causing sparks and without damaging the aircraft. In addition it is not conductive, so lightning protection systems can be dispensed with.
Moreover, FRP masts can be designed in lengths of up to 25 m and with very slim wall thicknesses in almost any RAL shade. The low weight is not only decisive for reduced transport costs but also ensures easy installation and maintenance. The maintenance effort can be reduced even more by installing an optional tilting system.

Hybrid designs

Hybrid designs allow you to combine the benefits of various materials and so tailor your mast to unusual requirements.

Radio masts and towers